Your manufacturer for high quality frozen products

Short-term development of products

We can then also deliver these flexibly, reliably and at short notice, even in smaller lot sizes.

The special strengths of our manufacture ist the short-term development of products based on the ideas and requests of our customers. These products we can supply flexibly, reliably and also in small quantities at short notice.

High-quality food-stuffs and the manual sorting out of products not meeting our quality standards at the end of the production process guarantee an excellent end product.

We mainly use high-quality organic and demeter food-stuffs but can also produce the same products based on conventional high-quality food-stuffs. We don’t use taste enhancer, preservatives or artificial food colouring. Colouring with spinach, tomato juice or curcuma is possible on request.

The essential characteristics of our production program are versatile usability, originality of the high-quality products, exceptional stability and easy handling. Nearly all products are pre-cooked and can be supplied in frozen form. Served, our products look home-made.

Thereby product requirements of the large consumer segment, the high catering trade and last but not least of the private consumer are met. Tailor-made solutions for the pre-prepared food industry are part of our production program.

As a private label „Feinkost vom Espenhof“, as a customer brand or neutral.

How it began

The Espenhof manufacture was founded in 1990 at the border between Swabia and Bavaria. Its coming into existence rather happened by chance.

During a historical city jubilee the traditional regional specialties of chef Franz Kohler met with such approval that the then hotelier and his wife Sigrid changed their hotel for a production business after a short preparation period without a moment’s hesitation.

The young business benefited greatly from the experiences of the practical Franz Kohler. He had exact ideas about the quality standards and product features that nowadays are necessary for efficient kitchen management while maintaining the unique character of the indiviual cuisine.

Consequently Franz Kohler decided on the production of a frozen food range.

The Wontorra family took over the company by a succession arrangement on April 1, 2009.