Your manufacturer for high-quality frozen products.

High quality of the processed raw materials guarantee an excellent end product

We can then also deliver these flexibly, reliably and at short notice, even in smaller lot sizes.

Nearly all our products are available of regular as well as organic quality. Don’t hesitate to ask us about it!
We only use organic ingredients of highest quality: wheat flour, semolina and vegetables are DEMETER-quality and eggs and seasoning BIO-quality.

We don’t use taste enhancers, preservatives and artificial colouring. Colouring of the doughs with spinach, tomato juice or curcuma is possible on request.

High-quality food-stuffs and the manual sorting out of products not meeting our quality standards at the end of the production process guarantee an excellent end product.

We work according to the HACCP concept. This internal self-control-system checks all processes from raw material to finished product. This security concept includes process planning and documentation, regular danger analyses and back-tracking of product origins.

Regular hygiene seminars for our employees and microbiological tests of our products by external independent institutes are part of our commitment to provide the highest standard.

Our company is certified according to EU-Eco-decree.
Control number: DE-ÖKO-006.